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“How to grow my business and where to start…” The Umbra creative team answers your questions with a proven formula for success. Our strategies are backed up by consumer insights and collected data that will enable your business to think, act and communicate more efficiently.
 Teamwork makes a dream work! To deliver results we work closely with management consultants, design experts, and modern marketing analysis software.


How can different water distribution companies sell the same product, but still convince people to purchase their bottled water instead of others? By creating an appealing brand. The foundation of your brand is your logo, your website, packaging and promotional materials, all of which should be cohesive to share your vision with the audience.

Social media

We understand the power of social media in the modern culture. Your brand's ability to keep up with the competition in this environment is a priority to succeed in the long term.
Every platform has specific benefits for the growth of your business. We know what to produce and where to use it.

Video Production

One of the biggest strengths of video marketing is that it’s highly visual and auditory, which means it’s easier to remember than text.
By 2019, video marketing will account for 80% of all consumer traffic. Mobile video ads will grow five times faster than desktop ads, and landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion
We combine videos and social media for maximum impact.

How we dot it

With each phase of these real-time changes, everything is documented to calibrate and optimize future campaigns for the highest probability of success. This means all the failures and successes achieved will be recorded for future use when building out the next advertising and marketing campaign.

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    Email marketing strategies, Social media action plan, audience insight, contests organization, SEO

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    Inspiring content creation

    Video, Pictures, Motion graphics, blog posts, email automation content

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    Execution of content post following schedule, email marketing, Facebook ads, SEO

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Email Marketing

With email marketing, you can control who sees an email by segmenting your contacts based on their lead status, demographics, location or any other data. Targeting emails is a great way to ensure that your audience receives content suited to their needs. Email marketing makes it simple to customize your message for each customer, fostering a higher conversion rate.


Selling a product online allows you to reach a wider audience and new customer pockets, with 41% of the world’s global internet users purchasing products online in 2014. But if it’s an area you’ve never explored, it can be overwhelming.

Content creation

Great content is the foundation of your marketing moves. Without content, there is nothing to work with. Content centers around the customers rather than yourself. It attracts people rather than interrupts them, and it’s more about them than it is about you.

Social Media Management

Many people think that social media involves posting content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, as social media continues to grow and develop, it's much more than that - especially if you want to see results.

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Melissa Mathewson

Creative Marketing Manager

Health-Ade LLC

Clement’s work is exactly what a brand like Health-Ade is looking for. Fresh, fun, different and engaging. He brings creativity to all that he does, and is wonderful to work with. Would definitely recommend to other marketing teams.

Allan Goetz

Business owner

20 Front street

Clément is an incredibly gifted artist and entrepreneur who knows how to capture moments and share them in a unique way. Aside from that he is an absolutely wonderful person to work with.

Marie-Céline Duvignau

Business owner

La femme du tatoueur

Clément has a real artistic vision. He instantly understood my project and bring it to a whole new dimension, way beyond my expectations. The result brings more credibility and professionalism to my work. I really appreciate working with his company!

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